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Where do I go from here?

July 5, 2009

How do you go up from the highest place you´ve ever been? I´ve scaled a mountain. And I wanna go farther. Now, I know that there´s so much to live for. I´ve seen the view from up here. Now, I know what´s all around. There´s so much I want to do. Nothing that I had planned before. It´s too hard to see from the bottom surrounded by all the tall things. But from above you notice. There´s a thousand places you´ve gotta see.

A certain peace fills this place. Nothing I have ever felt before. To know that starting tomorrow, I can do anything I want. My life begins here. And now. So, where do I go from here?

I want to help people. Help themselves. I want to share the life I´ve been given and be shared with. I want to enrich. I want to be rich. So I´ll know that there´s no reason for worries but to waste time.

I want to step outside and be surprised. Not know whether it´s snowing or a sunset on a beach. To change and allow myself to be changed by the others that I meet. I want to sustain mercy and compassion. Never give up hope on people. But trust that they will be saved.

I want to find them. I want to live with them. Walk with them. To love them and to share the love. So much to be done, so how do I begin? With one foot in front of the other. Not standing still. So much to be done, but when will I begin? Today or never. There really is no other choice.

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