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Don’t Be Scared

August 5, 2009

Don’t be scared. I’ll hold you tight when you think you can’t stand anymore. You’re as strong as any person has ever been, and I know no matter what happens you’ll be okay. The sun shines bright on the other side of here.

Hold your worries for another day. Put them in an old Mason jar in the back of the pantry where you’ll forget where they are. Cast your cares and thoughts onto the far end of the world. In this moment, just breathe deep and think on what makes you happy. Forget the rest and keep it far from your mind.

Believe that hope is real. It is your escape out of here. Encourage others to join you in the fight and let them know how hard it’s been. But don’t let the mud weigh you or them down. Fight and keep on fighting for the good that is in this world. Never lose yourself in the details but above all else only love. Love God, love others, love yourself. You’ll forget about the bad perhaps only when you lose yourself in love.

Don’t be scared. I’ll stand right here beside you along your way. Though not every day can be met with a smile, there can be peace in the midst of pain. I pray that your dreams whether asleep or awake may be bring relief to you.

Don’t be scared, when you’ve been released from this seemingly jail. When the fields are yours to run, I will run right along with you. If you see me there, to share in your laughs, that is well. If you cannot see my face, I hope that you can feel my spirit that will be near. And then I hope you run until you can run no more, until your legs give out and you’ve given it all you had.

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