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No Words

August 7, 2009

There were no words.

But they came.

There was no life.

But it breathed anyways.

There were no reasons.

But they too showed themselves.


Rescuing me from the depths

Of what seemed like a bottomless pit

But what turned out to be sand

Only ankles maybe knee deep


I was trying to swim sideways to escape

When what i needed to do

Was only stand up

To be completely free.


For the longest time

I fought me

I was the reason I couldn’t succeed.

Then after I beat me,

I realized it’s not about me.

It’s about so much more than me.

Much more than even I can dream.


And believe me

When I say

I am a dreamer and

I have high hopes for us all

And this always seems

To exceed well beyond all I could dream.


From the sinking sand and raging sea

I’ve arrived.

Here I am


Flying past the wind

I am free.

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