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She’s Beautiful

August 8, 2009

So, I just sit here. Wondering.
Wondering why in the world she doesn’t believe in herself.
She’s beautiful. And it’s not that she thinks she’s ugly, it’s that she doesn’t see all that she is. But there again- if she knew she wouldn’t be the way she is.

He gives her crap all the time, and as always she puts up with it – only continuing to blame herself. He pushes her to the edge and then when she feels like falling, he pulls her back in, only to do it all over again.

He’s not worth her tears – but she never understands that when you tell her. Her kind heart says too many times to just give him another chance over and over.

I would give anything to just make her see that she’s worth more than all that. She’s got an open heart like no one else I know, I just pray that it won’t be broken.

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