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Starting Over

August 19, 2009

If you could give advice to someone starting this life over, what would YOU say?

Here’s my response mixed with the response of some friends (Do YOU agree?):

Love without fear.

Don’t get bent out of shape. Your experiences should not be regrets, But the compass that led you to wherever you are.

Write a book about getting to start life over. ‘Cause no one else gets to do that.

Support people you disagree with.

Embrace new things. Don’t be so afraid of losing that you don’t try.

Enjoy the spontaneity of life. Its twists and turns, though unbearable at times, Are what make this life.

Appreciate others while they are here with you.

Never give up, never give in.

Don’t rebel against the world, embrace it.

Feel good when you are able to do big things. It’s okay to pat yourself on the back. And good memories will get you through the bad.

Ask for help. It’s okay. We weren’t meant to bear the weight of this world by ourselves.

Invent a new word. Then use it repetitively.

Climb your mountain. But don’t stop at the top. Go back and help someone else climb their own mountain. Carry their pack and give them your water Because the view from the top is even more beautiful when shared.

Love.  Stop looking for it. And do it.

Don’t think about who it is that you are loving. Just love them.

Remember what you learn the first time. So you don’t have to learn it again.

Know that it’s not about finding yourself But about creating yourself.

When you are thinking good about someone, Tell them. This may be your best way to make new friends.

Turn a weakness into a strength.

Each week try a new thing.

Living outside your comfort zone Eventually makes you comfortable in more places.

Don’t think about it. Just do it.

You deserve it, make it yours.

You’re naturally good at stuff. Know what stuff that is. Use it to get where you want to be. To bring yourself close to others. And to smile. 

Have the will to train, work, give up everything, all your heart. In pursuit of the prize And you will become a champion at whatever you do.

Remember that these people around you are real. They’re not just a crowd of strangers. But best friends, coworkers, counselors, bosses, advisors. Just waiting to be met. And more of them are like you than you can tell. They have beating hearts. Often broken. Ofter scarred. But beating. And perhaps you are the friend they are waiting for.

Hold no grudges. Relax.

Enjoy each day until it’s through. Laugh-laugh-laugh until your belly hurts. Once you’ve stopped laughing, start again.

Don’t use umbrellas. Travel as often as you can. Jump in every rain puddle.

 Love is all that matters. But don’t look for it in one place, you can find it everywhere.

Laugh. Mostly at yourself. But at others too when appropriate.

Find the fun in everything you do, And you’ll never have a dull day.

Strive for contentment rather than happiness. 

Buy stock in Apple.

If someone in your life walks away from you, Let them walk.

Don’t worry. It’s not worth the time or effort.

Lean on God, his strength is greater than your own.

Save yourself some trouble by learning from others’ mistakes.

Never say never.

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