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Storms at the Doorstep

September 22, 2009

stormspring[I’m not ready to be scared.]

Storm clouds blacker than night swarm overhead.

But the lightning is bright and the thunderclap loud

As a crowd of millions encircles closely.

We all watch with our teary eyes,

Not knowing what we say.

We yell as strong as we know how.

But each cares not what we are screaming,

Only that we cannot hear the others around.


[I’m not ready to run away.]


The wind blows at stealth speed,

And the rain begins to pour.

The people all fall to their knees

Crying nearly out loud.

Funnel clouds in the distance,

Not far enough away.

Persons lose balance and emerge from the ground,

The look of fear and hysteria upon each face.


[I’m not ready to fall down.]


The crowd tramples one another to get off the hill.

Lightning snaps the trees all around,

And thunder deafens each person.

Not able to hear,

Each stranger only screams louder and

Pushes others down to the ground.

Pain and hurt fills each body.

Each heart/Each spirit.


[I’m ready to stand strong.]


As I stand still.

Knees locked.

The crowd is gone.

Some alive,

But most only vacant bodies.

I stare up to clouds all gone,

No rain drop or lightning in the sky.

And on the horizon, I see only a spring day.

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