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The City of Unimportance

October 8, 2009

Thyme Clock TowerThis afternoon I walked down the busy street on the far side of the town. I was headed to a place in Thyme. A place where I was told my watch could be fixed. Just then a pigeon flew right at me, about an inch from my head. It was if to warn me not to go this way. To turn right around and rethink my whole direction. But, I didn’t. I stared straight ahead and continued to walk down that busy lonely street.

When I spoke to people on that road, they didn’t seem to understand. And their responses made no sense. They kept talking about things that do not matter just repeating such gibberish from inside their own heads. More than once I heard, “Welcome to Thyme. Do you know what time it is?” But my mind could not grasp why they would spend their lives dedicated to fixing watches and telling time. Simple things that run only in circles. Why did these people fixate on such things that have no value at all. What does it matter if I didn’t know what time it was? Shouldn’t it only matter that I am…doing something…doing good? Not running in such circles day in and day out. Time is only temporary, but my soul is not. No one seemed to care. They only noticed that I wasn’t doing like the rest of them.

This village, at the other end of the road, was built around a gorgeous stone clock tower so that all of its citizens may look around and know whether they’re on time for someone else’s commitments for their own lives. As for me, I took the quickest path out of Thyme. How the clock watchmen choose to live is their own choice, but telling me how to live mine… well, that’s why I didn’t stick around. That’s one road that I don’t want to ever walk back down.

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