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Tears Fall. I Rise.

October 29, 2009

[Such was life yesterday.]
Gets me down and beats me up again.
Tramples me until that last and final breath.
Sucks the air right out of me.
My lungs fail. Tears fall.
With my blurred vision and pounding heart,
and the faint blood that’s left in me,
I pick up the pieces of what’s remaining.
Mercy is no word in this life’s language.
And hope, life strives to drain from these veins.
My broken bones, this broken heart,
this broken life and wounded spirit
lie below in a deep, dark well
Where no light can reach
And no warmth can fill.
The absence of love, the absence of all.

[Such is life today.]
My heart cannot hold, my mind cannot handle
The sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted.
I cannot begin to describe
The source of it all.
Words escape me. Setting me free.
Abundance overflows into all that I do.
Mercy is the reason for my existence,
Hope, I hold more dear than anything else.
Now I see clearly the beauty around me.
As my heart pounds with passion,
My blood is filled with an urgency.
My wholeness has been restored
Better than it even was before.
This well, no longer empty but filled with water
My symbol of pain now my source of strength.
And where do I start to understand
My life has not changed nearly as much as my perspective.

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  1. October 29, 2009 10:54 pm

    It is quite stunning what a simple change in perspective can do, isn’t it?

    Very nice stuff here, Nashville Ben.

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