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Until One

December 20, 2009

His skin with a tint of deep red
Sensing the burn from the cold winds
His hair and a knit cap to cover
Unwashed since God knows when
His feet sticking out of tattered shoes
Numb from the morning walk

I’ve always heard
If he walks to the right,
You walk to the left.
If he asks for change,
tell him you’ve got none.
Suggesting he is unfit for loving.
Perhaps unfit for living.

And so we stop.
Stop caring. Stop loving. Stop giving.
Giving of ourselves. Giving of our gifts.
And we leave.
Leave him without.
Without a hand. Without a word. Without.

Until One.
One day. One man stops and gives.
One hope. One gift. For another man.
Gives him freedom from his fear.
Freedom from his pain today.
He loves because he is loved.

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