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Goodbye Oh Nine, Hello Twenty Ten.

December 26, 2009

Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year. No matter where you find yourself in the coming year, may grace follow you there.

Looking back at ’09, this year sure has been fun. I launched my blog in August, and I thank you for joining me since then. I enjoy reading your thoughts and blogs much more than mine, and I hope our past conversations lead us to further future ones. As a reflection, I’m sharing some of my favorite posts from Her Name Was Grace this year in case you missed them!

#1 – Love is always a topic that stirs up passion within us. Like politics and religion, it’s something deeply personal. Check out the conversation stirred when I asked: Does {True} Love Really Exist? 9-8-09.

#2 – Whether you realize it or not, everyone is fighting for something in their life. Life in itself is a fight sometimes. And sometimes people need a little help in their own fight. The Fight of a Lifetime. 12-2-09.

#3 – Many times our feelings can’t be put into words, so we settle for a few sentences brought to mind by something in nature: When It Rains. 9-1-09.

Other random posts:
Most Views – I Think I’ll Go to Boston
Zero Views – Complication
Today I Climbed a Mountain
Here I Am
My favorite, because gratefulness is so needed – Thanksgiving Post

THANK YOU again for your encouragement since August. My 51 posts are only here because someone like you encouraged me to write. They assured me someone else in this world felt the same as me. I didn’t really believe until now. I encourage you to keep writing as well. I will keep reading and learning! You are all great people with wonderful insights, and I really look forward to Twenty Ten. Happy New Year!

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  1. December 28, 2009 5:08 pm

    Happy New Year to you!

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