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Why I Love Social Media and Snowballs.

January 30, 2010

And this is why social media was MADE for snowball fights.

Take these three things: #1. Nashville #2. Snow and #3. People who love social media. Put them all three together and what do you get? A whole bunch of snowball fights and even more hashtags.

It was the day before the big snowstorm, aka #TheSituation2010. (By the way, when I refer to a big snowstorm, in Nashville this just means any snow at all.) While most Nashvillians could be spotted filling all of the nearby Kroger and Publix stores, one Nashvillian was busy planning. It was the second time this year that @EricShuff, social media director for The Tennessean, had planned a snowball fight in Nashville.

But the first one, The Snowpocalypse, ended without enough snow to make a snowball, and was abruptly canceled. But yesterday was different. Yes, this day marked the day that meteorologists across the city celebrated their success in predicting 4 plus inches of snow in Nashville. And the snowball fight, Snowballapalooza, that Eric planned for noon in the Gulch actually happened. A few young Nashvillians braved the icy streets down to 12th Avenue to toss around some of the first snowballs of the day. Despite forgetting my gloves, I had a blast. Here’s the video from #Snowballapalooza:

And, quickly after the making of the video, others wished that they had made the snowball fight. So, even quicker than Snowballapalooza was planned, Part Two was set. 5:30pm in the city’s best park. And, from the stories, it was an even bigger success. Or so Channel 4 News and Yazoo Brew say. The only evidence we have is this picture. And, those were just the first two stories. Since then, at least one more was planned for today. This is why I love social media. Impromptu city wide events can just happen. New friends can be met while snowballs are being thrown. And it just makes me love the city I live in even more. If that’s possible.

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  1. January 31, 2010 3:46 am

    Love this. Sort of makes me wish it would snow more often… but then again, would we still appreciate it this much if it did?

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