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The Victory in Yesterday.

February 28, 2010

They always told me college would be ‘the best time of my life’.
So, I looked forward to it each day with a growing anticipation.
One that made me physically sick to my stomach,
I was so excited about not knowing what to expect.

Then college came.
And I remember thinking, ‘yeah, this is great’.
But, high school was perhaps even better.
College surely couldn’t live up to my Senior year.

And, then college went.
Much sooner than I had expected. Or hoped.
And I remember it as the time of my life.
Freedom and learning reached a new level.

Now I find myself wishing that I was still there some days.
But I’m not.
I’m 24, living on my own, working my dream.
Hoping that tomorrow will be as good as yesterday.

I hold yesterday with high regards.
Perhaps because I know that I survived it.
And I know that it was good.
But yet, not knowing how I’ll remember today.

Each yesterday keeps outdoing the one before.
And I’m left wondering most days
If it can keep getting better?
And I’m still not sure.

But slowly, I’m learning.
That there is security in yesterday.
And risks in today.
Both equally important.

It’s hard to see the victory
When you’re still in the trenches.
It’s hard to have hope
When all you see is darkness.

But see not with your eyes
Instead with your heart.
Knowing that your work
Will make this world better with time.

What you cannot see today,
May be clearly visible tomorrow.
And in yesterday, the battle will have been won.

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