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Be Your Own Teacher

March 4, 2010
You just might remember way back when (in October) I wrote about sharing an epiphany story with a good tweep and founder of Life Without Pants, @MattChevy.
I wrote about my ‘Everyday Epiphany’. Because I just couldn’t wait to share what I knew would be an interesting and telling project for Matt and his readers. One that caused people to reach deep into their souls and tell stories that they themselves may not have even told before.
It was a project that caused me to reflect on my own life. And figure out what really has had impact on me, shaped me, and continues to even after that moment.
Check out My Epiphany Moment as I told it in the video.

But after you’ve heard mine, I ask you to share yours here as well. Because, I think you’ll find (although it’s important for others to hear your story), it’s extremely helpful for you to tell your own story. Reflect. Listen. And learn from yourself this time.

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  1. March 5, 2010 6:39 am

    Thanks so much for being a part of this (and helping to spread the word) Ben. Was a pleasure having you share your story and it’s incredible to see other people getting involved already by uploading their own videos. To me, this is “new media” at it’s absolute best. Cheers to you – and have a great weekend!

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