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Sometimes You Have to Go Far Away to Get Close

April 3, 2010

Sometimes life gets busy. Work gets crazy. Love gets us sidetrack. Friends come out of the woodwork because spring has arrived. People have birthdays. Nieces and nephews have piano recitals. Let’s face it, there’s one life to fit ten lifetimes worth of living into.

And though it’s great, sometimes we get so busy that we grow away from the things that we really enjoy. The things we’re truly passionate about.

Perhaps you’ve always known that writing releases some sort of kinetic energy within you. One that relieves stress while inspiring you in your own life and in sharing it, perhaps inspires others too. You’re like a Mason jar planted on a counter just aching to be opened. And opening that jar releases a mighty western wind throughout the house it’s in. Or maybe you’ve always loved to paint. Though you’re not always personally satisfied with your finished products, you know. Deep down. That creating art opens your soul to the world. It’s when you feel most vulnerable and passionate. You’re invested in these things.

But then life comes at us. And the world says it’s about making money and friends. So we sell our time and eventually our lives. Filling up all our moments with the world. And though, these things are valuable, so our ourselves. We would never sell an original Picasso to buy a counterfeit Andy Warhol. So why do we give up our own original creativity and abilities, as rough as they may be, in search of someone else’s? Their creativity can never be exactly like yours.

If you’ve been away from your creativity for long enough and traveled far enough away from it, you’ll learn just how much you need it. Hopefully you’ll see just how essential it is to your being, and your success in both your professional and personal life. And then hopefully, you’ll run back to it just as fast as you can. Don’t get too far that you let it go.

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  1. April 3, 2010 7:33 pm

    theres so much truth in this statement

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