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Today I Climbed a Mountain

May 19, 2010

[REPOST: From: Jan 2009]

Today I climbed a mountain. Tonight my whole body is sore. The kind of sore that makes you believe that you did something good. That makes you want to pass out because you are so exhausted. But still you lie awake, your back on the bed, thinking how great the day was.

There was something symbolic about the whole adventure. Nothing like conquering a mountain in life and having some pictures to show. Sure, they may not even touch an explanation of what was going on inside. But, everytime you see yourself in that place, you´ll know. That´s where you were when you were dying inside and then you climbed up out of your hole and saw the view from the top. Yes, others will never understand the true story behind the view from the top. But, that doesn’t even matter, because you know what it´s like to be free.

Free from worry. Free from pain. Released it all into the sky while you were climbing by. Free from others. Free from yourself. Saw your soul all alone for the first time in years. Free from the future. Free from the past. Breathed in one breathe and nothing else.

Nothing else compares to that fullness of life. When you have it you forget about the bad things, the good things, the past things, the future things. You cannot handle more than the moment because you know how big it is. how small it is. There is no possible way to fathom more.

Just breathe in and out. And hold on. It´s going to be a ride that gives ups and downs, but mostly only twists and turns. Because you decide what this moment holds. Sometimes things will be brought to you. Sometimes things will be torn from you. But as long as you need it, you will have yourself. So, let’s decide now how we’ll use ourselves to have the best moments. To give the best moments to our friends. And family. And strangers.

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  1. June 2, 2010 9:18 pm

    move 🙂

  2. June 4, 2010 11:02 am

    I can so relate to this post because I climbed a mountain myself the other day, up here in Northern Norway. It wasn’t a major one but still hard enough to make me feel alive. I was by myself and one with the task, with each calculated step. And the view when I reached the summit brought tears to my eyes. Yes, it was everything you described so well. And it gave me such perspective. There really is so much beauty if you just look at it from the right angle! I

    Sorry to hear about your floods! All the best of strenght to you and your precious Nashville!



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