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The Man with the Silver Watch

August 20, 2010

He wore a silver watch. The classy kind, you know, the brand that can’t be imitated.  Though they had never heard of it, much less able to pronounce the name of it, they still knew from the sight of it. It was royal in nature. Surely everyone inside that crowded room saw its shine as soon as it entered the room. But brighter than the silver watch was the warm vibe that filled the air, swirling around the sports coats through the wine glasses and directly into the nostrils of every guest in attendance. No one knew if the romance radiated from the watch or from the man, but everyone knew which square foot was the center of the room.

While in progress of false conversations and uninterrupted fellowship, his viewers had their peripheral eyes on him. He was like a celebrity as he gracefully moved about the room. He was rather abnormally avoided, as no one wanted to appear overanxious or in need of him, but the honest ones would have admitted their jealousy. Now this dinner party had transformed into a banquet in his presence. Unpolished wine glasses suddenly appeared to have no imperfections when held in his hand. But maybe it was that the silver nearby distracted them. Whatever it was, the people were overwhelmed.

And when it came his time to sing, he didn’t open his mouth. He didn’t have to. The viewers already knew the melody and they carried it for him. Their hearts gasped for air as the passion suffocated them. It mattered not that he never sang, because they still heard the melody, and they still felt the harmony. So, when the man with the silver watch walked out, they hardly noticed. He was gone quicker than he came and a bit lighter too. No one told him his goodbye. No one whispered about his leaving in the midst of his own song. He just quietly disappeared without being missed, but left behind on the grandest of the pianos, the shiny silver unimitated watch.

They cared not who he was or what he did. Instead, they were completely satisfied with what he possessed and just who he appeared to be.

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